Early Byzantine Fortress "Accra"


The found coins, ornaments, whole and fragmented vessels give a good idea of the life of this cape during the early Byzantine era.

Legend of the church of St. Nicholas in Chernomorets

According to the legend, the place where the Christian monastery was built is a cult sanctuary known for its holy water and healing water.

St. Nicholas Museum in Chernomorets

Of interest is the rich collection of stone anchors, lead rods, wooden models of antiquity and the Middle Ages, testifying to coastal shipping and active overseas trade.

Bakarlak Mountain

It is made of andesite, tuffite, tuff-brecci and plutonic rocks. In its northern part, there is a deposit of copper ore, known since ancient times. The climate is temperate continental with Black Sea influence.

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    Разходка с лодка PINTA

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    Замък “Влюбен във вятъра” село Равадиново

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    Старата звънарна/ Камбанария

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    църква “Свети Никола”

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    Културен център/Музей “Свети Никола”

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    Ранновизантийска крепост “Акра”